A certified mask for the most demanding professionals

The RespiPro is a mask designed specially for People At Work. The special design and production material of this professional mask makes it a perfect choice for Doctors, Firemen, Policemen, Laboratory staff, Rescue men, Medical staff and Soldiers working in tough conditions. The strong nanofiber layer structure makes it a perfect choice for these professionals to prevent themselves against allergens and bacteria without indulging in any kind of chemical substance. RespiPro Mask has certain qualities of protecting the health of users and gives an optimum protection against any kind of harmful particles in the air. The unique and innovative design structure of RespiPro mask includes multiple layers of nano-fiber membrane that filters out any kind of harmful particles and provides you with fresh and clean air to breathe in.

Elimination of odors and liquid penetration

Another filtering layer consists of active carbon absorbing odors of any origin. Thus, it allows to user fully focus on demanding tasks. A bottom layer made from ES fiber material guarantees comfortable use. This material ensures a pleasurable feel and does not irritate the skin even after wearing the mask for a long period. Additionally, the top layer made from non-woven hydrophobic textile blocks penetration of liquids –through the mask to the face and respiratory tract of the RespiPro® user.



RespiPro White & RespiPro Carbon