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We allow windows and doors in our house to let fresh air enter the rooms to keep us healthy and fresh. Since there are lots of harmful particles in the air, it is important to filter the fresh air before it enters your house. The Respilon Air is a virtual solution to all your fresh air needs while living in a healthy environment. Respilon Air products stop smog, pollen, bacteria and rain water to enter your beautiful house and ruin its healthy environment. The special nanofiber membrane used in the production of Respilon Air provides a long lasting protection for your family against bacteria, diseases and PM2.5 particles. Get Respilon Air products today to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with your family.


Window and door nanofiber RESPILON AIR® membrane elevates the protection of your home to a new, unparalleled level. Forget screens which protect your house or flat only from insects. Moreover, RESPILON AIR® stops smog, pollen, dust, microorganisms and rain water. Mildew allergy producers which usually get into the house during ventilation and cause development of dangerous disorders will not enter any more. Therefore, RESPILON AIR® contributes to a healthy and clean environment. The membrane also reduces the amount of dust settled in the interior, which means that you do not need to clean so often.

Practical and comfortable packaging

Start to protect yourself and your family from allergies and infections now! Use our e-shop or contact a local distributor to buy any model of Respilon Air in practical packaging.