Self-Sterilizing N95-FFP2-COVID-19 Certified Nanofiber Respirator VK RespiPro 2-Pack LARGE-MEDIUM Adult Sizes


Thanks to its layer of nanofiber and layers with accelerated copper oxide, VK RespiPro is a respirator that not only intercepts viruses but also effectively kills them. The respirator is self-sterilizing, so it is possible to wear it repeatedly for up to 1 week without any maintenance. It is easy to breathe and talk with the respirator on. Available in size Medium and Large.

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Self-Sterilizing VK RespiPro Respirator

Thanks to its unique features, such as its filtration efficiency and the following elimination of viruses, its lightness, and breathability, VK RespiPro provides long-term and continuous protection to every user. Give your immunity an unfailing and dependable firewall!

This respirator is certified in accordance with the European standard RFU 02.075, version 2. As required for this specific purpose by the World Health Organization recommendations, its nominal protection factor is identical to the FFP2 nominal protection factor defined in EN 149:2001+A1:2009.

  • Its nanofiber membrane intercepts 99.7-99.9 % of viruses.
  • Accelerated copper oxide in the inner and outer layer of the respirator effectively kills viruses from the surroundings and from the user him/herself.
  • Thanks to its self-sterilizing technology no maintenance, such as washing or disinfecting, is needed.
  • It eliminates the risks of cross-contamination (contaminating the respirator or infecting yourself with the virus by touching or manipulating the respirator).
  • It is possible to use the respirator repeatedly for up to 1 week (or more precisely 30 hours) if it still fits perfectly and shows no signs of wear.
  • Its anatomic shape and nose clip ensure a perfect fit so that no air seeps in around the respirator.
  • An extremely light respirator. Its weight in size M is only 3.2 g and 3.7 g in size L.
  • A comfortable respirator. It is easy to breathe and talk with the respirator on.
  • A specific copper color.
  • The VK RespiPro respirator is an eco-friendly and economical choice.
  • The respirator is held in its place by two ear loops. For the best fit, they can be hooked together at the back of your head with a plastic buckle that comes with the product – a gentle solution for long-term wear.
  • The VK RespiPro respirator is certified in accordance with the EU standard RFU 02.075, version 2.
  • Manufactured in the Czech Republic.


How does VK RespiPro work?

The VK RespiPro respirator works on the double-barrier principle. Its reliable protection filter consists of nanofibers (a thousand times thinner than the human hair) which blocks out up to 99.9% of viruses. The inner and outer layers with accelerated copper oxide then deactivates the viruses intercepted by the membrane, whether they come from the user’s surroundings or from him/herself if he or she is infected. In this way, the respirator performs its self-sterilization.

A nanofiber respirator works on the mechanical principle of particle interception. In contrast to a common respirator which works on the electrostatic principle, the filtration efficiency of a nanofiber respirator does not decrease due to higher humidity from human breath.


How long can I use one VK RespiPro nano-respirator?

Thanks to its self-sterilizing feature, the VK RespiPro respirator can be taken off and worn repeatedly as needed. No additional care is required. The recommended cumulative time for the repeated wearing of a single respirator is around 30 hours. But this highly depends on whether the respirator still fits perfectly and shows no signs of wear.


How to choose the right size?

1. Measure (in cm) the distance is shown in the picture.
2. Compare the measured distance with the size chart.


Warning: This product is not recommended for ages below 2,5 years. If children use this product, it must be under parental supervision only.


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2-Pack LARGE, 2-Pack MEDIUM


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