RESPILON® nanofiber window membrane 5.0 – dangerous particles, mould, smog, diesel fumes, pollen, dust, microorganisms protection for your home!


The RESPILON® Window Membrane 5.0 is the 5th generation of window membrane RESPILON developed.

The only real protection for home or office.

The function of the nanofiber layer captures particles as small as 150nm.

  • stops 99% particles of smog, dust and allergens
  • allows only fresh air
  • helps people live a healthier life
  • it is transparent and breathable 
  • stops heat





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The 5th generation of window membrane came to the market at the beginning of August 2019. Nanofibers in the membrane protect your home from harmful particles from the outside air. Perfect for families with children, elderly people, and anybody with respiratory problems or allergies.

Window and door nanofiber RESPILON® membrane elevate the protection of your home to a new, unparalleled level. Forget screens which protect your house or flat only from insects. Moreover, RESPILON® nanofiber membrane stops smog, pollen, dust, microorganisms and rainwater. Mildew allergy producers who usually get into the house during ventilation and cause the development of dangerous disorders will not enter anymore. Therefore, RESPILON® contributes to a healthy and clean environment. The membrane also reduces the amount of dust settled in the interior, which means that you do not need to clean so often.


The Respilon® window membrane is for installation into windows and doors, and its primary purpose is to form a barrier against pollen and air pollution. It is also able to stop the spread of mildew and bacterial spores, while being at the same time very permeable for air, gases and water vapors. Particles are caught mechanically. The membrane does not contain any chemical substances.

Respilon®  window membrane is filtering material with an efficiency of PM 2.5 (the ability to filter 100% of particles with size of 2.5mm and less). For this reason, the membrane is suitable for use in the households of allergic and asthmatic people, as well as people with cardiovascular disorders or pulmonary disease who live in areas or regions with high levels of air pollution.






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Product Variation

90 X 150 cm (1.35 m2), 130 X 150 cm (1.95 m2), 240 X 150 cm (3.6 m2)


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