RESPILON® nanofiber window membrane 5.0 – dangerous particles, bacteria, mould, smog, diesel fumes, pollen, dust, microorganisms protection for your home!


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The RESPILON® Window Membrane 5.0 is the 5th generation of window membrane RESPILON developed.

The only real protection for home or office.

The function of the nanofiber layer captures particles as small as 150nm.

  • stops 99% particles of smog, dust, bacteria and allergens
  • allows only fresh air
  • helps people live a healthier life
  • it is transparent and breathable 
  • stops heat





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Window screen with nano membrane RWM 5.0

Are allergies, asthma, or respiratory problems making your life harder? Do you live on a busy street full of smog and exhaust fumes from cars? Is your home often polluted by dust, or by cigarette smoke from your neighbors? Nanofiber window screen RWM 5.0 will make sure that you have cleaner air in your home, reduce dustiness and also allow you to breathe with ease. Now, you can finally sleep with an open window no matter where you live.

How does the nanofiber window screen work?

Nano membrane in this window screen works like a microscopic sieve that mechanically blocks out air pollution. It captures allergens, pollen, smog, dust, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, mold spores, rain, insects, and mites. At the same time, it maintains perfect breathability so that fresh air can flow in. As opposed to nano respirators, the membrane does not capture viruses or bacteria – which is completely on purpose so that they may be aired out of the room.

  • mechanically blocks out air pollution
  • offers a reliable capture of dust, allergens, pollen, mold spores, and cigarette smoke
  • an ideal choice for allergy sufferers, asthmatics, and anybody with respiratory problems
  • blocks out smog from a busy street and exhaust fumes from cars
  • enables airing in a mild rain – the membrane keeps the rain out
  • prevents draft
  • protects your home from insects and mites
  • reduces dustiness
  • improves breathing
  • protects from UV light
  • available in 3 sizes
  • lasts for up to 7 years

Nanofiber screen under the microscope

The pores in the nanofiber membrane are so small that they capture even the smallest particles from exhaust fumes (PM1.0) or from smog (PM2.5)*. But because molecules of oxygen are even smaller than the pores in the nano membrane they will easily pass through the screen. Thanks to that the RESPILON nanofiber screen maintains its high breathability.

* 1um = PM1.0 = the size of exhaust fume particles; 2um = PM2.5 = the size of smog particles





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Product Variation

90 X 150 cm (1.35 m2), 130 X 150 cm (1.95 m2), 240 X 150 cm (3.6 m2)


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