What is Respilon Technology

Respilon is a European technology developed with years of extensive and detailed research. The sandwich form of Respilon products includes a nanofiber layer of polyvinylidenfluoride (PVDF) or other non-irritating polymers. It is basically a protective layer that keeps the harmful particles away from your body without using any kind of chemical elements. Respilon technology has been very popular in developed countries like UK, USA, Germany, Singapore and China where people use Respilon Mask and Respilon Air window membrane to keep themselves protected from allergies, viruses and bacteria. Unlike regular masks, the original Respilon Mask provides protection on level of N95 respirators, with great breathability and comfort for users. Best thing about patented Respilon technology is that it is cost effective, original and 100% safe to use.

How it works

Respilon is a combination of very strong and thin nanofibers that are joined together to create a protective web. The ultimate protection feature of Respilon products is provided by its complex and highly effective structure of nanofibers set up in a diameter of 50-150 nanometers. This complex structure of nanofibers stops smallest liquid or solid particles to enter via air. In practical life, this means that while using a Respilon Mask you are protected from dust, smog, pollen, mites, mould, bacteria and other harmful particles.

Why Use Respilon Products

Respilon Technology is an innovative solution to all your modern day protection needs. The unique properties of Nanofiber Respilon Technology are tested and approved by major labs of Europe and Switzerland proving its usefulness. Each Respilon product is created with a different nanofiber structure that provides ultimate protection from allergies, viruses and bacteria. The original Respilon based sleeping products are perfect to be used for extra protection and care. Our Respilon products range includes high quality Respilon Mask for day to day use and for doctors, patients with weakened immunity, travelers or workers. We also deal in Respilon Night Care bedding products and Respilon Air anti-smog window membrane to save you from harmful particles.

Customer Reviews

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